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From the history...

At the beginning of the 20th century, I. N. Zeiliger was a rabbi in the Tiraspol district. Jews went to synagogues and prayer houses. At the beginning of the 20th century in Tiraspol, one synagogue was located along Krasnoy lane towards Pushkinskaya street, between the women's gymnasium and the auxiliary premises of the zemstvo council. Another synagogue was located along Dvoryanskaya Street, behind Krasnoselsky's pharmacy in the direction of Jewish Street (now Vosstaniya), the third was at the corner of Dvoryanskaya and Jewish Streets. There was another synagogue between Chasovnaya and Krasnoyarskaya streets along Sobornaya. The same synagogue was at the corner of Cathedral Street at its intersection with Remeslennaya. 

We learn the total number of synagogues and prayer houses from a telegram for November 1916 from the Kherson governor V. G. Vetchinin:

"In view of the petition of the Tiraspol district rabbi Zeiliger, I propose to release eleven synagogues and prayer houses in the city of Tiraspol from standing troops, in exchange for which the Jewish community undertakes to equip at its own expense five other residential premises that are not listed in 1910, to accommodate 200 people . The remaining six rooms I propose to find something for me to telegraph".

Elections of the Rabbi in Tiraspol. Jewish community before the revolution

Our days

Today there is only one synagogue in Tiraspol. Members of the Jewish community gather here every week. 

On holidays, various events are held in the building of the Tiraspol synagogue.