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Jewish community

Jewish Center in Pridnestrovie

We operate:

  • Hesed - charitable and cultural center.
  • Synagogue - a meeting place for the religious part of the Jewish community.
  • Community - Dealing with issues of Jewish identity, maintenance of memorials, burial sites, community issues.

Our goal:

  • Preservation of cultural and religious traditions of the Jewish people.
  • Development of inter-ethnic relations in the spirit of friendship.
  • Strengthening cultural ties and cooperation with other countries.
  • Providing charitable assistance and services to people in need.
Jewish communities of Pridnestrovie
Map of the Jewish communities of Transnistria

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We keep traditions

We pay great attention to the traditions and customs of the Jewish people and consider it important to preserve history, passing it on to future generations. The doors of our synagogue are always open, and on holidays and memorable dates we strive to gather together in our common Jewish Center.

Shabbat: 14 Sivan 5783
Friday 2 June 2023
Candle lighting at 20:30
Exodus Shabbat at 21:49
Weekly chapter: Naso

Holocaust in Transnistria

More than a dozen concentration camps and ghettos were created on Transnistrian soil. One of the first tasks of the occupying power was "final decision" Jewish question.

Jews in Pridnestrovie

Jews have long lived on the territory of Pridnestrovie, mainly in ancient cities. Breeders, merchants, financiers, musicians, writers - the contribution of Jews to the economy and culture is difficult to overestimate.

Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery is located in the industrial zone of Tiraspol. There is a mass grave in the cemetery, where the remains from the old cemetery were transferred.

News and events

1 day ago

При поддержке World Jewish Relief в мае в рамках проекта «Активное долголетие» состоялось 4 встречи, на которых представительницы золотого возраста нашей общины нашли себе занятие по душе. У участниц всегда есть работа, так как о нас уже знают многие члены общины и обращаются за помощью: подшить, перешить что-то для уюта своего дома или осуществить ремонт одежды. В мае пошили 14 наволочек, 3 пододеяльника, 5 простыней, 40 кухонных полотенец, 4 фартука, 2 подушки, которые набили синтепоном. А также осуществляли мелкий ремонт одежды. Эти встречи очень нравятся нашим женщинам, так как они могут реализовывать себя. И конечно, это повод пообщаться! Все участницы данного направления благодарят за такую возможность еженедельно собираться в мастерской и проводить время с удовольствием! #WJR #HesedTiraspol

23 hours ago

При поддержке World Jewish Relief в мае месяце у двух групп состоялись 2 завершающих – итоговых занятия по компьютерным курсам для членов общины старшего поколения, где они смогли продемонстрировать свои знания и умения, а также получили сертификаты о прохождении курсов «Азбука интернета». Также в мае была собрана еще одна группа, у которой прошли 4 занятия. Участники новой группы осваивали азы пользования компьютером, работали в Word, создавали файлы, редактировали, работали с таблицами. Знакомились с Интернетом, программами-браузерами, принципами работы с сайтами. Учились скачиванию картинок и текстовой информации. Впереди новые знания и новые умения! Ведь каждая встреча открывает новые горизонты! #WJR #HesedTiraspol

2 days ago

3 days ago

Our representatives of the silver age are not used to being bored, so last Sunday evening they attended a concert of the vocal and instrumental cover of the Drive band. The incendiary rhythms of well-known melodies in the original performance did not leave anyone indifferent in the hall. Performances were accompanied by bright numbers of invited dance groups. The holiday of music and dances has become a beautiful gift for Hesed clients for the Great Shavuot. #JDC #HesedTiraspol

4 days ago

Our Juniors celebrated Shavuot! The festive event began with a conversation with representatives of the older generation of the community, a discussion of the traditions and customs of the holiday, its essence and meaning. Then the children were treated to a fascinating master class on baking pancakes and preparing milkshakes, because on this holiday dairy dishes are an important part of the meal! Having received a lot of pleasure, useful information and experience, the guys took home the pancakes they cooked and pleasant impressions from the Shavuot holiday! #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

6 days ago

The Hesed of Tiraspol celebrated Shavuot - one of the most important Jewish holidays! On this Great Holiday, those gathered talked a lot about traditions and customs, about how important it is to observe them and pass them on to the younger generation. Following the tradition of Shavuot, the hall was decorated with greenery, and the celebratory meal contained dairy products.. Educational videos, funny songs, live communication gave Hesed clients a lot of joyful and bright mood on the Great Day of Giving the Torah - Shavuot! #JDC #HesedTiraspol

6 days ago

On Shavuot, it is customary to make bouquets and wreaths that decorate houses and synagogues. Therefore, the topic of today's MK is flowers. Representatives of the older generation made flowers from foamiran, and also got acquainted with the properties of this new material. A volunteer within the Volunteer Center RVC project "Needlewomen" taught how to make flowers, and the participants offered ideas for using this skill. In addition to wreaths for the holiday, you can make a brooch - your favorite, decorate a hoop or hairpins for your granddaughter, make a beautiful panel or create a unique piece of furniture or a small bouquet for a friend. A positive mood and smiles were our companions during the MC, and the result in the form of a flower meadow pleased everyone, because everyone was able to learn how to make several flower options. #HesedTiraspol #RVC

1 week ago

Tonight, May 25, begins one of the most important holidays in Jewish culture - Shavuot! It was on this day, seven weeks after Pesach, that the Torah (Pentateuch) was given to the Jews. On the 50th day after the Exodus from Egypt, the Jews approached Mount Sinai, and there an agreement was concluded with the Almighty, which included the fulfillment of the commandments and the spread of knowledge about God throughout the world. It has become a kind of moral law, according to which it is proper to live. There, on Mount Sinai, the Jews received as a gift the Torah, which remains the main book of the people of Israel to this day. Like many other Jewish holidays, Shavuot celebrates not only a certain historical event, but also the onset of a new season of the year, the completion of another agricultural cycle. Shavuot was celebrated at the beginning of the wheat harvest season. This is the last of the three pilgrimage feasts. On Shavuot, it is customary to decorate synagogues with greenery, and a festive meal necessarily includes dairy and flour foods: cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, pancakes with cottage cheese, pies, cakes, cakes with honey, pies. This custom dates back to the day the Torah was given. Since then, paying tribute to the past, only dairy is eaten on Shavuot. On the great holiday of Shavuot, we sincerely congratulate you and wish you a righteous and happy life without obstacles and enemies, good deeds and good goals, sincere prayers and strong faith, a joyful and bright mood, generous gifts of nature and a rich table, pure love and respect! HAG SHAVUOT SAMEAH! #JDC #HesedTiraspol

1 week ago

Today, as part of the Volunteer Center RVC project "Happy Birthday!" we congratulated our birthdays Goligorsky Gersh and Sakovskaya Nina! Kind words and a huge number of wishes sounded for the birthday people from the community members, Hesed employees and our volunteers. And gifts made by the hands of volunteers will obviously come in handy and will remind us of our care with which we surround our members of the community of the golden age! #RVC #HesedTiraspol

1 week ago

On the eve of Shavuot we were once again visited by Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman הרב פנחס זלצמן Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman from Synagogue.MD - Sennaya. Rabbi פנחס זלצמן spoke about the essence of the Shavuot holiday, about the fact that not a single letter in the Torah has been changed over thousands of years of the history of the Jewish people, about the importance of preserving and passing on traditions to new generations.

1 week ago

HAVERIM Moldova is recruiting participants to the Sarvas Jewish Youth Summer Camp! 🙋‍♀️✡️🙋 These are two unforgettable weeks, from July 23 to August 4 (departure on July 21), in Hungary among peers from around the world. 🌐 These are exciting workshops, sports, Jewish education. These are new acquaintances, new impressions, new knowledge and skills!🤓👨‍🏫 International Jewish summer camp Sarvash 2023 will definitely appeal to those who: — from 12 to 17 years old; - I want to visit the international Jewish camp; - I want to spend my summer holidays with fun and profit; - I want to feel like a part of a large community; I want to make friends from all over the world. Three meals a day, kosher food and cozy rooms are provided for all participants. !!!! Mandatory condition: 🤗 The presence of Jewish roots (documented) Payment of the participation fee 5000 lei Departure from Chisinau - July 21 (on the night of 20 to 21) 2 nights in Romania (July 21-23: Pre Szarvas Camp seminar) International passport for the child and power of attorney for accompanying groups (a group is accompanied by 5 people) Spend this summer with us! ⛹️‍♀️✈️ Registration is already open.‼️ The application can be left until June 1: https://forms.gle/8RwcQzjrKRGNDqax6 For all questions, please contact: 022 509669 HAVERIM, +373 79566413 Nikita.

2 weeks ago

Our guys from AJT Junior today talked about the holiday of Shavuot, remembered its traditions and customs, and also played the Shavuot online quiz. ...and WON 1 PLACE!!! It's safe to say - we're ready for the holidays! Our juniors got a lot of emotions and a great mood for the whole day💫 #AJTTIR #JDC #HesedTiraspol

2 weeks ago

Video by The Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit, one of the sponsors of JDC, which helps the Hesed Jewish Center, and we already take care of the Jews and their families in Pridnestrovie. We are full of gratitude to all kind and sympathetic people. Your support is very important and necessary for us ♥️

2 weeks ago

Dear participants of the Day of Good Deeds and guests of our page! The competition for the best promotion held on the Day of Good Deeds has started! Voting will last until May 19, and the results will be announced on May 21! We took part in this wonderful event for the first time this year. Please follow the link and vote for us! Voting at the link below 👇 action "Golden Needle" https://rvc.md/ziua-faptelor-bune-2023-moldova-voting/ As part of the Day of Good Deeds, 25 pillows were sewn for the needy, the fence in Hesed was painted, the flower beds were cleaned, whitewashed curbs in the Synagogue and Hesed. Good luck to everyone ❤️ Join us! #RVC #hesedtirasol

3 weeks ago

Today the guys of our club AJT JUNIOR celebrated LAG BA-OMER! A bright, festive event took place in the fresh air and was full of entertainment, laughter and joy! Certainly not without creativity. After listening to an excursion into the history of the holiday, the guys with great pleasure began to make its important attribute - the BOW!. And then everyone was able to test their accuracy in shooting from weapons made by them))). Games, relay races, contests and sweet gifts, lots of positive - this was our LAG BA OMER 5783! #AJTTIR #Hesedclub


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