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Jewish community

Jewish Center in Pridnestrovie

We operate:

  • Hesed - charitable and cultural center.
  • Synagogue - a meeting place for the religious part of the Jewish community.
  • Community - Dealing with issues of Jewish identity, maintenance of memorials, burial sites, community issues.

Our goal:

  • Preservation of cultural and religious traditions of the Jewish people.
  • Development of inter-ethnic relations in the spirit of friendship.
  • Strengthening cultural ties and cooperation with other countries.
  • Providing charitable assistance and services to people in need.
Jewish communities of Pridnestrovie
Map of the Jewish communities of Transnistria

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We keep traditions

We pay great attention to the traditions and customs of the Jewish people and consider it important to preserve history, passing it on to future generations. The doors of our synagogue are always open, and on holidays and memorable dates we strive to gather together in our common Jewish Center.

Shabbat: 19 Nissan 5784
On Friday April 26, 2024
Lighting of candles at 19:47
Exodus of Shabbat at 20:57
Weekly chapter:

Holocaust in Transnistria

More than a dozen concentration camps and ghettos were created on Transnistrian soil. One of the first tasks of the occupying power was "final decision" Jewish question.

Jews in Pridnestrovie

Jews have long lived on the territory of Pridnestrovie, mainly in ancient cities. Breeders, merchants, financiers, musicians, writers - the contribution of Jews to the economy and culture is difficult to overestimate.

Jewish cemeteries

There are numerous Jewish cemeteries in Pridnestrovie. Some of them are old and abandoned, some are active. 

News and events

16 hours ago

The Jewish Community of Tiraspol celebrated Passover - one of the most important holidays of Judaism! Preparing for such an important event was very exciting and time-consuming. On the evening of April 22, members of the Community gathered together for the Festive Layla Seder, which was conducted by Rabbi Ephraim, who had specially arrived from Israel. Thanks to the support of @synagogue.hay, the Sennaya Synagogue brought kosher food and drinks necessary for the festive Seder to Tiraspol. An incredible atmosphere of celebration and family comfort reigned in the hall. Joint prayers and songs filled the hearts of those present with joy. Despite the late hour, inspired by the meeting, people did not want to leave for a long time... This kosher Passover will remain in the memory of the members of the Community for a long time. Chag Pesach Sameach! #JDC #synagogue.hay #passover

2 days ago

We held a real kosher Passover Seder in Tiraspol. 💙 It was a very soulful and warm evening. ❤️ For the oldest members of the community, it reminded them of their distant childhood. ✡️ Rabbi Ephraim, his wife Hannah and their baby made this Seder special. 📖 The reading of the Haggadah (the story of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt) and the atmosphere were traditional. 🪬 All this became possible with the support of Synagogue.MD - Sennaya and the initiative of Rabbi Pinchas Zaltzman.

4 days ago

Today was a busy and very interesting day for the guys from the AJT JUNIOR team. We consolidated all our knowledge on Passover, carried out the preparation necessary for the holiday - we looked for chametz and destroyed it. And then the juniors began preparing their own glasses and kearah for the upcoming Seder. The creative process was interesting and exciting for everyone. After all the efforts, the children were treated to a delicious lunch. AJT JUNIOR is ready for Passover! #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

7 days ago

🥳Yesterday and today our volunteers awarded the winners of the “Ethnic Diversity of Transnistria” competition, which we carried out in partnership with the Ministry of Education of the PMR. 👍The winners of the competition were high school students from Rybnitsa, Tiraspol and Bendery. Diplomas and gift certificates were a reward for their diligence and dedication to cultural heritage. 👏And teachers and scientific supervisors also received well-deserved recognition! Their work and efforts helped the students realize their potential and succeed in the competition. Their gift certificates became a symbol of gratitude for their work and dedication to teaching and educating the younger generation. This competition is just a small part of a larger puzzle that we are putting together for future generations. 🤩 Let this victory be an inspiration for all of us to continue to explore and appreciate our ethnic heritage! 🤝Congratulations to all the winners on their victory! ✍️PS All works will be posted on our website. #RVC #HesedTiraspol

7 days ago

The evening before, on April 17, the Closing of the 16th International Classical Music Festival “Musical Spring of Transnistria” took place at the State Palace of the Republic. Hesed clients of the silver age could not miss such an event. The symphony concert was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of the PMR - Grigory Moseyko. The concert program was full of surprises. One of them is a piano duet from the Netherlands, laureates of international competitions Laura Balkova and Stanislav Zhar. The Maestro himself also played the part on the flute with the young talent Lev Korolev. In total, the program included 10 musical numbers. They played “There Is Only a Moment,” “The Phantom of the Opera,” Gluck, Rachmaninoff, Shostakovich and more. At the end of the concert, the President of the Republic V. Krasnoselsky presented the Maestro with the Order of Catherine the Great. Inspired and filled with positive emotions, Hesed wards will remember this concert for a long time. #JDC #Hesedtiraspol

1 week ago

🌿Spring is a wonderful time in our region, it greeted our elderly clients from Bendery and Tiraspol with joy and warmth. 😉Volunteers from our community organized an unforgettable trip to the land of flowers today. The Tiraspol arboretum blossomed in all its glory, decorated with cherry blossoms, a sea of colorful tulips, lush wisteria and fragrant lilacs. ✨The eyes of our clients sparkled with joy, they enjoyed every moment, capturing the beauty in memorable photographs. A walk through the arboretum was filled with emotions, aromas of spring and an abundance of greenery. For our elders, despite the difficulties with movement, such events are of great importance. 🫂Communication with the younger generation, the attention and care they receive from our volunteers make these outings especially important. Older clients need support and the opportunity to feel alive and involved in life. The spring trip to the land of flowers became for them a real gift of soul and heart. 👍Thank you, volunteers of the Volunteer Center RVC for such sincere meetings. #RVC #HesedTiraspol #good deeds

1 week ago

🔥 Chametz is prohibited during Passover - flour products made by fermentation. Chametz is not only forbidden to eat, it is forbidden to own it. If there is a supply of chametz in the house, it should be “sold.” By filling out this form, you are making a formal act of sale.

1 week ago

✡️One of the most significant Jewish holidays is approaching - Passover! ✅ Today, clients (wards) of Hesed, members of Transnistria communities received additional financial assistance on bank cards. ✅ Starting tomorrow we will begin distributing matzah to all our clients in all cities and regions of Transnistria. 😊 We wish you a good pre-holiday mood! J.D.C.

1 week ago

🧡 We thank all the volunteers who took part in Good Deeds Day, who make the world around them a little better! 💜 Do good deeds every day! #DoGoodDaily ℹ️ It is believed that the Almighty created the world incomplete - so that man could, fulfilling his destiny, correct this world and complete the process of Creation. At the same time, the path to correction is individual: for some, observing Shabbat, for others, helping those infected with HIV, for example. Therefore, there is no need for populist arguments about the actions of others; everyone has their own path and their own function in correcting the world. You just need to do good, because any actions, be it material deeds or spiritual work, are more important than endless reasoning. Volunteer Center RVC Haverim

2 weeks ago

👏Today was a great day! 👍Our volunteers did an incredible job on the Day of Good Deeds at the Tiraspol Children's Home. Together we transformed the playground, bringing joy and bright colors into the lives of children. It was a wonderful unity of generations, when students of the Faculty of Economics and Physics and Technology of the Transnistrian University, Hesed employees and representatives of the older generation of our community worked shoulder to shoulder. 👍The work was in full swing, the faded benches, horizontal bars and the entire playground of the Children's Home were transformed before our eyes, cartoon characters came to life. The guys also dug up trees throughout the area. 🤩 The result was pleasing - the site began to sparkle with bright colors. 👍The second team did good deeds in Rybnitsa. At the new Jewish cemetery, garbage was removed from all sectors and wild growth was cut down. In the old cemetery, the area next to the sarcophagus-mass grave, as well as the upper terrace, has been cleared of overgrowth. 👍And young representatives of our Community, as part of the World Good Deeds Day, visited a shelter for homeless animals in the city of Bendery. All participants in today's event received certificates of participation in this wonderful day. 🤝We express our deep gratitude to the sponsor of our event at the Farba-Group Children's Home @farbagroupp for the paint provided. 🥰Together today we made this world a little better and kinder. Thanks to everyone who took part in this noble event! Our team is the best! . ✨🌟#RVC #HesedTiraspol #HesedRybnitsa #Good Deeds #Volunteering #Strength of Unity #Tiraspol

2 weeks ago

Today, young representatives of our Community, as part of the World Good Deeds Day, visited a shelter for homeless animals in the city of Bendery. Cereals and medicines, so necessary in the daily life of the shelter, were purchased as a gift to the shelter. The guys from Hesed saw with their own eyes how hard the work of the shelter workers was and helped in landscaping the area. The representative of the shelter, Tatyana Vladimirovna, gave a tour, showing the vast territory of the shelter and its inhabitants. Most of them are accident victims, mutilated animals that require special care. The guys' emotions were overflowing with sympathy for the cute tails. Having returned from the shelter, the guys could not leave for a long time; they shared their impressions in Hesed. Ziua Faptelor Bune 2024 #HesedTiraspol #AJTTIR

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

Friends, there are only a few days left until our magical Good Deeds Day! We are ready to take on the challenge and transform the territory of the Children's Home to make it bright, cozy and joyful for little hearts. Be part of this incredible mission! We will dig up the trees, paint the railings, update the sports equipment and dim paintings with cartoon characters and create a magical atmosphere that will fill children's hearts with joy and smiles. Join us, because together we can do more! We are waiting for you at the event! Let's make children's lives brighter and happier together! 🌟🌈💖 Sign up by phone 77521135 We are waiting for YOU! April 14 at 10.00!!! #RVC #HesedTiraspol #Day of Good Deeds #Tiraspol

2 weeks ago

On Friday, within the walls of Hesed the Republican competition “Ethnic Diversity of Transnistria” was held, organized by volunteers of the Volunteer Center RVC together with the Ministry of Education. Students from Transnistrian schools presented the results of their painstaking research work in four exciting areas. The competition featured four sections, each of which reflected important aspects of the ethnic diversity of Transnistria. In the first section, participants talked about the formation and fate of the Jewish community in their locality, revealing historical facts and personal stories. The second section was dedicated to the tragedy of the Holocaust in the settlements of the competition participants, where schoolchildren shared their research and emotional impressions about this terrible period of history. The third section introduced famous Jews of the region, talking about their contribution to the culture, science and history of the area, and the fourth section introduced memorable Jewish places in cities and regions. The competition participants demonstrated not only their knowledge and research skills, but also the importance of preserving ethnic heritage and respect for differences. The event was a shining example of how education and culture can unite people of different ethnic groups in the pursuit of understanding and respect for each other. The winners will receive certificates and prizes, and the competition materials will be available on our website. #HesedTirasol #we remember #RVC

3 weeks ago

World Health Day is celebrated annually on April 7th. The date was not chosen by chance. It was on this day in 1948 that the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) came into force. Our company of juniors AJT CLUB was pleased to actively celebrate this holiday in the fresh air. On the sports ground of the Catherine Park, the children were treated to games, relay races, riddles on the topic of sports and health, and a lot of active entertainment. Having competed in agility and speed in various relay races, our young clients found activities to suit their interests: some played football, others played tennis and badminton. The girls danced to the music and demonstrated their flexibility in acrobatic exercises. And, of course, we talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the role of physical education and sports in it. We wish everyone good health! #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

3 weeks ago

💙 Friends, there is a Book of Memory on our website.

Memory book
Here we tremblingly want to collect the stories of the Jews of our region, so that the memory of the community and the people who lived here remains. 🖼️ Many documents have not been preserved and the creation of this book is an attempt to preserve those grains of our common history that remain in the memories of those living today. So that the memory lives on...

3 weeks ago

Today we held another lecture with clients in Rybnitsa on the topic of klezmer music. Our ward Godysh Alexander Isakovich, the leader of the Rybnitsa klezmer music ensemble from 2001-2017, told the story about the life and fate of an amazing man - Moses Beregovsky. Beregovsky recorded Jewish melodies from the writer David Bergelson and a blind beggar living in Kyiv since 1915, from a collective farmer from the Sholom Aleichem colony in the Nikolaev region and a shoemaker from Bila Tserkva, from an Odessa bristle factory worker and housewife from the town of Ushomir in the Zhitomir region, from a Crimean weaver who adopted the tune from klezmer in the town of Boguslav, from a Kherson accountant, from the artist Solomon Mikhoels, from a flutist-barber from Slavuta. He was in a hurry to write down everything that human memory had preserved, as if he foresaw a catastrophe that would almost completely destroy those who kept Jewish music in their memory. The archive of Moisei Beregovsky, who spent his entire life collecting Jewish folklore in Ukraine, was considered lost. But it turned out that 1,200 wax folios with recordings of songs and music of Jewish shtetls, as well as the voices of Mikhoels and Sholom Aleichem, miraculously survived both the war and Stalin’s repressions. The value of the collection is difficult to overestimate: by the beginning of World War II, Jews lived in all European countries, but only on the territory of the USSR their folklore was collected and studied. After the extermination of six million European Jews, it turned out that the collection of Moses Beregovsky is the only memory of their disappeared culture. The second part of the lecture was no less interesting; with warm tea, our students listened to unique music from 1905-1952. #JDC #HesedRybnitsa

3 weeks ago

👍 We work to improve the quality of life of our clients as much as possible, we launch new programs and projects. At the moment we are preparing to launch the Call Center ☎ project. Its participants will be single people, most of whom are over 75 years old. Due to their age and health, they rarely leave the house, so communication is especially important for them. 📖 Two training webinars for Call Center project volunteers have already been held. The first was devoted to the ethical principles of volunteer work and the boundaries of communication between a volunteer and a client. The second webinar discussed the psychological characteristics of the elderly and their communication characteristics. 👏 Thanks to all the volunteers who took part in these meetings and showed interest in volunteering. 🦸‍♂️ We are waiting for those who want to become volunteers in our projects! Let's make the world a better place together and help those who need it. 📲 Inquiries by phone: 775 21135 #CallCenter #HesedTiraspol #volunteers

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