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Club activity

Club activities are carried out within the framework of our Jewish center. Along with traditional events for community members, there are children's and youth clubs.

AJT JUNIOR is a Sunday kids club for the so-called juniors - kids aged 5-12.

In our club, in an easy game form, the guys take their first steps into the world of Jewish tradition, in a relaxed atmosphere they receive Jewish knowledge (this is how we combine the concepts of holidays, traditions with their meanings and meanings) in order to freely feel like a part of the community in the future.

AJT JUNIOR gives children the opportunity to:

  • Zshow your talents and skills by participating in regular creative workshops and outdoor events
  • Zdevelop your athletic and intellectual abilities in exciting games and activities
  • Zfind true friends among community peers

Keren team is a modern youth club that promotes the socialization of teenagers and young people. In our club there is an opportunity to learn something new, develop yourself and share knowledge with others.

In the Keren team, teenagers and young people have the opportunity to acquire new skills and grow in the direction that is interesting for them, share their knowledge and abilities with others. Moreover, each member of the club has the opportunity to open up, show their leadership qualities, lead a project that is close to him in subject matter and spirit.

  • ZAccess to education and new skills
  • ZUseful acquaintances
  • ZParticipation in projects and trips
  • ZParticipation in seminars, festivals and volunteer events
3 days ago

On Sunday, at our AJT Junior club, the guys celebrated Yom Kippur - one of the most important days in Judaism. Young juniors remembered the traditions of the holiday, talked about the rituals of Tashlikh and Kaparot, the importance of repentance and forgiveness, and talked about the good deeds they had done throughout the year. The warm conversation was continued by a creative master class, and the meeting ended with a sweet feast and games in the fresh air. #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

2 weeks ago

The Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah was celebrated in our center by all ages and generations. On September 17, the youngest clients of Hesed celebrated the holiday in a traditionally fun and interesting way. Our celebration had everything: educational videos and quizzes on holiday traditions, exciting relay races, creative tasks, and of course a lot of music, dancing and fun. The finale of the celebration was a rich sweet table with traditional treats for this holiday. Our Rosh Hashanah meeting was a success! We wish everyone a sweet and kind New Year and a good entry in the Book of Life! #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

3 weeks ago

Today our youngest Hesed clients have completed their preparation for one of the main holidays in the Jewish calendar - Rosh Hashanah! The guys once again reminded each other what the main symbols should be on the holiday table, outlined the sweet dishes that they would prepare for the family on the holiday, and also prepared holiday cards. After a sweet snack, everyone played active and educational games. Reluctantly everyone went home, anticipating the upcoming celebration! Are you ready for Rosh Hashanah!?) #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedtiraspol

1 month ago

This Sunday our AJT JUNIOR team said goodbye to summer. Active outdoor games and quizzes will leave children with vivid memories of sunny days. Our juniors also began preparing for the Rosh Hashanah holiday. Young clients of Hesed talked about the traditions of the holiday, its main moments...they made festive decor for the upcoming holiday event. Lots of games, laughter and fun - this was our last summer meeting. And a new season awaits us! #JDC #Hesedclub #AJTTIR

1 month ago

Summer Shabbaton Haverim Junior. Three days of inspiration and community. The end of summer this year was marked for our juniors by a bright event that they will remember for a long time! The guys from our AJT JUNIOR and from Chisinau met at Summer Shabbaton Haverim Junior in the picturesque setting of Vadului Voda to immerse themselves in the traditions and history of their people, reveal the secrets of the Mitzvah, and of course celebrate important moments together. In three amazing days, Summer Shabbaton Haverim Junior has become a place of joy, happiness, friendship and knowledge. Incendiary dances and energetic exercises in the morning, open lectures, master classes, quests and interactive discussions made this weekend unforgettable for the guys. new week. We express our gratitude to @kedem.md for the unique opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere. #JDC #Hesedclub #AJTTIR

1 month ago

Our weekly Sunday meeting with AJT JUNIOR guys was full of new acquaintances, knowledge and creativity. The juniors continued to talk about the month of Elul and its important symbol, the shofar. Also invited guests from the School of Arts. Rachmaninov held a master class on painting with gouache in non-old techniques. After fruitful creativity, a sweet snack helped to replenish the calories. We look forward to new meetings and discoveries, as well as those who are not yet dreaming. #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub