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Club activity

Club activities are carried out within the framework of our Jewish center. Along with traditional events for community members, there are children's and youth clubs.

AJT JUNIOR is a Sunday kids club for the so-called juniors - kids aged 5-12.

In our club, in an easy game form, the guys take their first steps into the world of Jewish tradition, in a relaxed atmosphere they receive Jewish knowledge (this is how we combine the concepts of holidays, traditions with their meanings and meanings) in order to freely feel like a part of the community in the future.

AJT JUNIOR gives children the opportunity to:

  • Zshow your talents and skills by participating in regular creative workshops and outdoor events
  • Zdevelop your athletic and intellectual abilities in exciting games and activities
  • Zfind true friends among community peers

Keren team is a modern youth club that promotes the socialization of teenagers and young people. In our club there is an opportunity to learn something new, develop yourself and share knowledge with others.

In the Keren team, teenagers and young people have the opportunity to acquire new skills and grow in the direction that is interesting for them, share their knowledge and abilities with others. Moreover, each member of the club has the opportunity to open up, show their leadership qualities, lead a project that is close to him in subject matter and spirit.

  • ZAccess to education and new skills
  • ZUseful acquaintances
  • ZParticipation in projects and trips
  • ZParticipation in seminars, festivals and volunteer events
3 weeks ago

The next Sunday meeting of our Ajt JUNIOR club was full of creativity and surprises. The guys learned that, it turns out, there is such a holiday as “World Fairy Tales Day.” Together we discussed how fairy tales are treated in Jewish culture, discussed the story “Yosef Honoring the Sabbath,” molded our fairy-tale characters from plasticine and even came up with mini-fairy tales for them. #JDC #AJTTIR #Heseclub

4 weeks ago

The first Sunday of February was eagerly awaited by all the young clients of our Hesed, as today our first meeting of this calendar year finally took place! The guys missed each other very much and were very happy to see each other! We shared our plans for the coming year, outlined new goals and are determined to work together to make our AJT JUNIOR club even more exciting, educational and fun! The juniors consolidated the positive impressions of the meeting by going to the cinema. The main idea of the cartoon was that everyone is important and only together we are strong. Our team decided to make this the motto of our future meetings. #JDC #Hesedclub #AJTTIR

2 months ago

Today our large and friendly AJT JUNIOR team held its final meeting this year🤗. The guys were glad to see each other and discuss plans for the new year. We are glad that our AJT platform unites our children, giving them the opportunity to communicate, interact, exchange emotions and skills. Today, the guys and I summed up the results of the outgoing calendar year, were inspired by new plans, watched the cartoon “A Cherished Wish,” and made a wish to meet as soon as possible in the New Year to learn new things, study our culture and create! #JDC #Hesedclub #AJTTIR

3 months ago

On December 10, the Jewish community of Tiraspol celebrated Hanukkah on a grand scale! A magnificent celebration took place at the State Palace of the Republic, Tiraspol, in which guests from Moldova and Jewish communities from the regions took part. The Hanukkah candles were lit by the Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Moldova, Pinchas Zaltzman. After the Hanukkah hymn of Maoz Tzur, guests were treated to a festive buffet with traditional holiday treats. A special place on the festive table belonged to sufganiyet 🍩 - donuts with fruit filling.😍 The festive program was continued by an enchanting concert of the State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of G. Moseiko. While the adult members of the community were enjoying the music, the younger generation was having fun uncontrollably in the company of talented animators @fenix_party_. We will remember this big, bright, family-friendly Hanukkah holiday for a long time! JDC Kishinev Synagogue.MD - Sennaya Dubossary Jewish Community Rybnitsa Jewish Community Jewish Community of Moldova / Jewish Community of Moldova #JDC #RVC #Hesedclub #AJTTIR

4 months ago

Today, at their regular Sunday meeting, our young juniors talked about the World Day of Jewish Knowledge, and also began a course of acting training under the guidance of an experienced teacher. The guys were treated to many different practices for emotional liberation, imagination, and team building. Laughter, fun, and that’s it, the kids got a new experience during the lesson and are already looking forward to something new! #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

4 months ago

The next Sunday meeting of our children's club was filled with creativity, fun, dancing and a lot of positive emotions. The children attended a creative master class, where they were able to show their imagination and various arts and crafts skills. The active dance block lifted even the shyest juniors from their seats. After all, this is what we are going for - to reveal creative potential, enrich ourselves with knowledge and be replenished with new impressions! We will have enough energy and good mood until our next meeting! #AJTTIR #Hesedclub #JDC

5 months ago

Last Sunday, October 1, our oldest representatives from the AJT JUNIOR team took part in an online intellectual quiz. Our guys tested their knowledge in different areas. The range of questions varied from the holidays of the month of Tishrei to neural networks and gravity. Having acquired new knowledge and been charged with a sea of positive emotions, we upgraded our teamwork skills and got a good result. #AJTTIR #Hesedclub

5 months ago

On Sunday, at our AJT Junior club, the guys celebrated Yom Kippur - one of the most important days in Judaism. Young juniors remembered the traditions of the holiday, talked about the rituals of Tashlikh and Kaparot, the importance of repentance and forgiveness, and talked about the good deeds they had done throughout the year. The warm conversation was continued by a creative master class, and the meeting ended with a sweet feast and games in the fresh air. #JDC #AJTTIR #Hesedclub