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Volunteer Center

One of the activities of our organization is volunteering. Volunteers are people who are ready to sacrifice their own time, share their professionalism, knowledge, reputation and connections for the benefit of society, without material compensation for their work.

Almost every undertaking is not complete without the help of volunteers - sincere, kind, enterprising, sympathetic people. Volunteers of “wise age” accompany the elderly within the framework of the “Peer to peer” direction, give communication and precious support, and provide all possible assistance.

Volunteers of different ages participate in creative workshops, volunteer events, inform by phone, help with the delivery of food packages and the organization of events/lectures. With the support of volunteers, minor repairs of household items are carried out, as well as assistance is provided in the local area for lonely elderly people.

Volunteers of our center gain new acquaintances and communication, support, as well as the possibility of self-realization, feel their importance and contribution in the development of our region and the Community

Here are just a few ways to provide support:
  • Zparticipation in the activities of the center, community and cultural work: assistance in organizing lectures, creative workshops;
  • Zconsultations on various aspects of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Zhousehold assistance to clients - minor repairs of plumbing, furniture, household appliances, umbrellas, irons, etc.;
  • Zprovision of free primary legal advice;
  • Zassistance to project coordinators in providing targeted assistance;
  • Zparticipation in the distribution of charitable aid;
  • Zproduction of knitted products, crafts, handmade postcards;
  • Zaccompaniment of elderly people with limited mobility (execution of instructions, communication on the phone, congratulations on holidays)

You can also become a volunteer,be useful society as a whole!

Become a volunteer