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Home care

The Home Care program is one of the services that can be used by all our clients in need who cannot do without outside help.

The main goal of the Home Care program is to create maximum conditions for maintaining independence for our elderly clients, while at the same time providing essential services.
Every person needs to make their own decisions, participate in social life, communicate with people, and feel important. Therefore, the main task of our home care workers is to create conditions for rehabilitation; provide psychological support; make life easier for relatives; help wards communicate freely in society.

As part of the “Home Care” program, to ensure quality and proper care for the elderly, all employees are provided with all the necessary work equipment, including special equipment. clothes, shoes, gloves and other attributes for work. The home care worker is also provided with detergents and cleaning products for each client.
For bedridden clients of the Home Care program who have suffered strokes, fractures of varying severity, severe cancer, etc., personal hygiene products are provided as needed, such as diapers, disposable diapers, wet wipes, urological pads, etc.

The program provides the following services:

  • ZCleaning of residential premises;
  • ZHelp with housework (taking out trash, washing dishes, cooking);
  • ZPurchase of food and medicine;
  • ZPayment of utility services;
  • ZHygienic care for the ward;
  • ZPsychological support;
  • ZLeisure organization

Care for a bedridden patient includes:

  • ZChange of underwear;
  • ZChanging diapers, bathing;
  • ZFeeding the ward;
  • ZPrevention of bedsores;
  • ZCompliance with doctor's orders.