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caring connection

The Caring Connection project is aimed at socializing older people.
The goal of the project is to improve the quality of life, introduce clients to the traditions and culture of the Jewish people, and create opportunities for clients to communicate with family and friends around the world.

 As part of the project, each participant receives a smartphone, which is paid monthly by the organization. It has a special program installed that simplifies interaction with the gadget, which is very important for older people. Using the phone, the client can connect to events that are held online. The topics of the events are varied, everyone can choose a direction according to their preferences. The Club program is very popular.

Thanks to the project, even people with limited mobility got the opportunity to feel involved in the activities carried out at Hesed. Despite their advanced age, clients have not lost interest in life. They are interested in many things, they develop intellectually and spiritually. They are glad that events take place both on holidays and on ordinary days, because this allows them not to feel lonely.

The Caring Connection Project offers online events in the following areas:

  • Z“Jewish traditions” - study of traditions, study of the Torah, discussion of religious issues;
  • Z“Conversation with the Rabbi” - participants can ask the rabbi a question on any topic during the event;
  • Z“History” – clients receive information about the history of the Jewish people, the region in which they live, and interesting historical events;
  • Z“Physical education” - under the strict guidance of a trainer, they carry out physical activity, which is necessary at any age, and especially in the elderly.
  • Z“Gymnastics for the brain” - in these classes, our elderly train their memory and thinking in order to slow down the cognitive processes of aging and keep the brain in good shape.
  • Z“We and the world around us” - the event is aimed at studying a person’s personality, expanding knowledge about oneself, one’s capabilities and abilities; development of skills to overcome adaptation difficulties in modern society.
  • Z“Health Hour” - health issues that are relevant for older people are discussed; during the event, participants can ask a doctor a question on medical topics;
  • Z“Literary Living Room” - provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of authors of our region and communicate with them.
  • Z“Humor Club” - participants share their favorite jokes, listen to satirical stories, and watch performances by comedians.