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Day centre

The purpose of the program is to improve the quality of life of the participants, to introduce the wards to the culture and traditions of the Jewish people, by improving their functional state and creating opportunities for communication for them.

Participants of the program meet 2 times a month in groups of 8-12 people with a duration of 4 to 6 hours. This allows you to establish friendly relationships with other participants in the program.

Participants of the program are served a light breakfast, a hot lunch.

Clients are taken from home to the program premises and back by a Hesed car, helping to get in and out of the car. Participants are picked up at a prearranged time.

Current programs

Press club

The press club program is very popular. Despite their advanced age, the wards have not lost interest in life. They know a lot, are able to do a lot and are interested in a lot. Conducting educational, cultural and educational events are aimed at meeting interesting people, lessons of tolerance, this is the life and work of famous artists, politicians, scientists. Such creative meetings help the wards to develop intellectually and spiritually. They are pleased that events take place not only on holidays, but also on ordinary days.


The physical therapy program is working successfully. In addition to the benefits of inflammation of the muscle load, the wards receive excellent emotional nourishment. The lightest gymnastics has a beneficial effect on the entire body, improves well-being, improves mood. We offer a number of recreational activities to the wards: “Exercises for the musculoskeletal system, for the eyes, self-massage techniques.” Exercises are done, carefully taking into account the age characteristics of the wards.


Given the spiritual needs of the wards, much attention is paid to the program of the tradition. The revival of Yiddishkite, the familiarization of the wards with their roots, is our main task. It has become a tradition to celebrate Jewish holidays, to celebrate Shabbat. They are fun and interesting for us. We pay much attention to Jewish musical traditions, tell the biographies of famous Jewish composers and performers. Every week we have an hour of Jewish tradition at the Day Center. The wards are interested in why the Jews are called Jews, the people of Israel are called Jews, and their faith, Judaism. We find answers to all these questions in the section "Secrets of the Jewish Wise Men".

Memory saving

Since 2010, the Memory Preservation program has been running, which is very popular. The program is attended by clients suffering from memory problems. We work with these clients as a group. Despite the fact that the program has been running for 10 years, there are problems of a psychological nature. This is passivity, fatigue, mood changes. We try to overcome all these difficulties. And there is a result. The wards are offered the topics of the classes, which they can use at their discretion. Feasible physical activity, drawing, and mental activity (solving logical problems, anagrams) are very popular. Thanks to the classes, clients develop self-confidence, they become more friendly and sociable. Sympathy is shown between the employee and the client, they make contact and this is very pleasing. The Day Center has all the conditions that help to strengthen the memory of the wards.

Honey. consultations

In the Day Center, wards can get advice on proper nutrition, the laws of kashrut and a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to measure blood pressure and glucose levels. Listen to a lecture on a medical topic.

Manual creativity

The program of manual creativity brings great pleasure to the wards. And this is another proof that our clients show interest in life. The program differs from other programs in that no boundaries and strict goals are set for the wards. The goal is to develop individual views and ways of working. And they get great pleasure from the results. Great satisfaction brings work from natural materials. During walks in the park, versatile material was collected, necessary for the implementation of the most unusual ideas. Like any work, the result requires recognition, and on this occasion we hold exhibitions of handmade works.


The gardening program helps to strengthen the physical and psychological health of the elderly. Wards experience a truly magical feeling and satisfaction with life. The gardening program is also a good way to recover from illness, distract from problems and negative thoughts. It relieves nervous tension and tunes in to the positive.

Despite the fact that the programs have been working since the founding of the Day Center, we try to improve them and bring something new into each of them. The celebration of Jewish holidays, birthdays and family dates has become an unchanging tradition of the Day Center. We give musical gifts, souvenirs, many good words to our wards. Many clients of the Day Center have an intolerance towards spiritual aging, which helps them not only increase longevity, but also make life much more interesting. Many talented wards attend the Day Center. We designed a collection of poems for our clients and prepared a presentation of the collection. We constantly update the exhibition of works, which was created by the hands of our clients. In honor of the anniversary of Hesed, an exhibition of works by the clients of the Day Center was organized in the foyer of the Palace of the Republic. The invited guests showed great interest in the exhibition.

The events that we hold in the Day Center have a positive effect on our customers. Educational work in the form of conversations, lectures, meetings with interesting people helps older people get rid of social isolation. Our clients are the keepers of the historical memory of the people and our task is to unite them into one big family.    

Eligibility for Service

  • ZHesed's client, who is a pensioner over 70 years old, lives alone or in a family that does not provide him with any support and does not suffer from cognitive impairment and is able to participate in group activities.
  • ZAn adult disabled Hesed client, who is not a pensioner by age, who is not able to leave home and meets the other criteria listed above, can be considered for participation in the program.
  • ZIn exceptional cases, a pensioner under the age of 70, with a low income and meets the other criteria listed above.